Future pastens among us

A revealing morning in Helsinki. Cloudy day walk in New York. Shimmering dinner in Prague. Day dreaming all the night. And just dreaming all the days. The life, how the government assigned workshop programs us to think. Not to live the certain moment, but to dream for the brighter future. And since there is no current moment, there shouldn’t be the workshop neither. But somewhere there is a gap. Not a large one, not a hidden one. Just a small piece of information that allows programmed people to think different. And without losing any time, the newspapers of tomorrow are already writing about the issue.

Feeling like a hypnotized this morning, the last night on the Island was more closer to insomnia than anything for a long time. Now at the bureau of government crazyness, I am sitting here without anything to do. Without anything to think. Without even being able to think, to remember, or to feel. Cold autumn morning at the barracks of hell has made what they wanted to achieve. But still there’s something they are not able to touch – a small mediterrenian flame inside.