A short moment with the Blue Foundation

Last day in Italy – at least for this vacation. Milano, Sanremo and Firenze has showed their true faces, thanks to a lovely Italian guide. Indian tourists in their turbans, Albanian criminal called Boboli, motor-wanker and lots of other sightseens we saw. Not to mention the great Cupola of Firenze’s cathedral with 463 stair-steps among the other historial activities.

Did you know that Finland does not belong to the European community? Well, we figured it out in Firenze. A rather nice ticket counter man revealed the black secret about this continent, while we asked for the student discount that was meant for the young people from EU nations.

Italy is populated by strange people. Some of them fit perfectly in the stereotype; others “simply” want their boyfriend to buy a MOTOSEGA (……) for Christmas and put tents in their garden. On the train back to Milano from Firenze there was a extremely typical South-Italian family sitting in front of us. They had bought only 2 tickets for 3 persons. This was nothing compared to the fact that the “lady” was scary as hell. Rather big sized husband didn’t know how to answer loudly ringing mobilephone. Wife – who later on was acting as a weight lifter – shouted extremely loud for his husband. Nothing special, nothing new on this Earth, but still – a heart stopping moment in the almost silent train. Nobody dared to look at them. Besides two young kids who were putting lipstick on each other’s lips. They were us.

By Fran & Roope