A thought about the sun

Rather than being a reason, it seems becoming a obsession for me to say that “time flyies”. Maybe not with the Finnair, but at least within my life. The other obsession seems to be writing in Finnish – not meaning that I have forgotten you, my friends somewhere abroad.

We – as if I am writing about myself as us – have been enjoying finest weather that a Finnish summer could ever supply. The thermometer has been showing temperatures like +28 celcius. However this morning instead of the sun, heavy clouds were preventing revealence of the sky. My time in the rainy Tokyo came to my mind. Those days, which were filled with a calm feeling of just being – hanging around with best friends without any worries.

Most of us returned were we came from. Instead of being still in the lovely Tokyo – like two of us – most of us are living the life it used to be before the country of the rising sun. Although we have returned, who’s life is same? I would say no-one’s. At least I remember clearly those moments, those feelings when the Finnair AY74 departed from the Narita. The first two hours in the plane, before falling into sleep, when I was trying to stay calm. Trying to forget those beautiful memories, trying to prevent tears falling.

The One asked me yesterday, isn’t it just good, if I’m craving or missing for something or someone. Yes, it is – I said. Without a feeling of missing something, there wouldn’t be a feeling of loving something. Loving the Tokyo, I used to live for such a short, but such a good time. With my friends. The friends I love.

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