Losing the poetry

My dear friends. Im sorry that I haven’t been writing in English. But here comes a brief introduction what is happening currently. As many of you already know, I started in the Finnish Defence Forces to do the rest of my service. Luckily I’ve got accepted to the newspaper owned by the military as a journalist. So, Im spending my weekdays in the centrum of Helsinki or travelling around Finland, writing stories and news flashes. Although the paper is owned by the military, its has not that much to do with the military training or that kind of things. Anyways, Im super happy to be there. I like that kind of work a lot.

Nowadays days are flowing too fast. Spending days at the “workplace”, nights at barracks. And only weekends to spend with my family and friends. Anyways, Im planning a short trip to Europe. As far as I know, Im free from my service in October. Then, Milano, Belgium and rest of the Europe, and hopefully Canada and Japan, here I come! Be prepared my lovely friends, who I miss a lot! :)

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