After spending couple of days with my family and friends, Helsinki slowly begins to feel like a home again. There is not that much things for me to do, waiting for the grades from Sophia, going out with friends, just spending time home – looking snow falling slowly from the sky. Yesterday the sunshine made the snow shine and sparkle, as the brisk wind was throwing the snow in a circle on the surface… Unfortunately I have not taken photos from here yet, but I will try to capture some winter moments soon for you to see.

Next Tuesday Izumi will arrive at Helsinki to stay here till Saturday. After talking with my friends about places to go in Helsinki, I realized I don’t know anything about my home town. Well, of course I know lots of things, but what would be the places a tourist would like to see? What would be the things to do? Maybe I’ll have to turn to the traditional sollution. Nearest bookshop, nearest Lonely Planet. ;)