Under the surface

Again, time is flying. We have spent almost five days in Nha Trang, the best beach town in Vietnam. Although the longest stop in this trip suddenly appeared here, we haven’t spent a single moment lying on the beach and waiting for the perfect tanning. Not because we are already tanned, but we felt the world down under so facinating that we singed for a scuba diving course. Yesterday evening, after 3 days of watching videos, practising in the pool, and as a highlight, having 4 sea dives, licensed me as a PADI Open Water Diver. Just perfect.

As I have said maybe hundreds of times, these 4 weeks in countries, where travelling 600 km by bus takes almost 25 hours, are just not enough. However, life goes on and journey continues. Next way points will be hoi An and Hue, before reaching Hanoi at 18th of February. So far so good.