Tokyo again

Tired, but happy. Poor, but rich with new experiences. And tanned, but not burned.

So the journey went and off back we came. Now again chillin’ in the never sleeping Tokyo, but only for few days before returning (kaerimasu – propaganda works ;) ) to Funland. A couple of days, plenty of memories from the city I fell in love with. But things have changed. I have seen a small part from the third world. The misery of having not enough food, the misery of losing legs and arms due the landmines and explosives that still exist somewhere there. Still the pure happines all around, although being without anything or anybody. But happy just for being alive.

Tokyo is not same anymore. Sure it is filled with all nice memories, all the nice people and my lovely friends. But roads are paved and all the rubbish just don’t lie on the streets of the ghetto. The life is not surviving for a single day. It is a rat race through the misery that is hidden between the golden curtains and the never ending piles of office paper.

But anyway around, the opposites just exists. And I just can’t just help falling into love with the two, most beutiful, but still most opposite places. Tokyo and Cambodia, you will definetily be worth of visiting again, again, again, and again. Never ever regretting that I came, saw, and experienced what I did.

* * *

Makuharin uinuva hiljaisuus, sihtautuva auringonvalo tatamimaton tuoksuisessa huoneessa. Hektisen Tokion totaalinen, mutta toisaalta kontrolloitu kaaos klitterin loisteessa.

Vaikka aitoudellaan hurmaava köyha Kambodzha viekin sydämen, miljoonakaupungin loiste kiskoo voimakkaasti takaisin. Miksen voisi vielä kertaalleen käydä auringonpaisteisilla Daikanyaman pikkukaduilla tuhansien idyllisten putiikkien Mekassa. Tai vielä kertaalleen hengailla tyylikkaillä Tokion klubeilla parhaiden ystävieni seurassa? Mutta ystaväni ovat lähteneet. Kaupunki on muuttunut, mutta muistot ovat säilyneet. Ehka joskus vielä palaan.