The Sun

Last two days we have been purely enjoying the sun in the city of Sihanouk Ville in the southeast Cambodia. These bright white and non-crowded beaches that this town is full of, are just too perfect to be described. However, we felt a little bit bored of this all “freedom” around us.

Yesterday we rent motorbikes for two days, only for ten dollars, just to explore furter this small town. Besides a nice tanning, now our backbag carries lots of nice memories from the real countryside of Cambodia, and not forgetting a small fisherman village we saw today, where it seemed that no white man has gone before.

The journey goes on, and Im lacking time to write on my blog. However, memories will last long (thanks to notebook from my sorellina) and a more detailed journey report will be posted after these next three weeks, as fast as I get my ass back to Tokyo and/or Helsinki.

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