Not suprising

Yes. Finland lost the gold for Sweden in the ice hockey in the Torino Winter Olympics. We were priviliged to see the game here in Tokyo. I have to admit that Sweden played very well, although there was still a little chance for Finland to win. Bad luck? No. It happens always.

Juha left Tokyo today afternoon to return Seoul to wait for his return flight back to Finland. At least now Makuhari got more silent, although James, Marko and his friend are living in the apartment few doors down the corridor. As it might not be obvious for everyone and I happened not to mention before, I am currently staying in Marjut’s place while she is still enjoying hot and activity rich Thailand.

Meanwhile, I will take a train – that dangerously famous yellow Chuo-Sobu line – back to Tokyo. As far it seems that tomorrow is going to my last day in Tokyo city, shopping around, wandering the cosy streets of Daikanyama. And maybe, just maybe, pop in Koenji. Just too see that everything in its place. Finally, just not make my Monday lazy, I will see Christina and other giggling girls from the Sophia for a late night dinner.

To be sure there would be a torpedoed Tuesday, I just pack, pack and pack. Until I reach the limit of 20 kg (which btw was the weight of my backbag when returning to Tokyo), just to pack again to decide what to dispatch in a parcel.

Although it might seem that my feelings are foggy, rainy, and sad, they are not. Only the current – cold – weather here in Tokyo is. But tomorrow, sun will shine as I walk through the walley of past. At least according to the weather report.