Does Hanoi Rocks?

Here we are, middle of the best French colonial architecture heritage one might find from Vietnam. The previous spots, cities of Hoi An and Hue were nice and small, were as the capital of Vietnam brought us back middle of buzzing motorbikes, shouting cycklo men, and not to mention increased amount of pollution. However, Hanoi – besides a nice name borrowed from a band (or which way it was? ;) ) the town is full of nice bakeries, French styles cafes and of course, here rests the legendary mister Ho Chi Min in his glass sargofagus.

Since we arrived here today after a cousy night bus trip, tomorrow seems to be a little bit blurry what comes to plans. The plane is anyways taking us at the day after tomorrow back to Bangkok and towards nice beach villa that Marjut has booked for the four of us. This would be probably last post from the cold and smoggy Hanoi and crazy Vietnam, before reaching Ko Samet island somewhere 1500 kilometres souther from here.