A normal, happy day

So the last day in Tokyo went, enjoying the spirit of the city with every breath I took. Especially with those, when two highschool girls were definitely sure that Im a famous actor. They thought they knew my “name” and just resisted the fact that Im just an ordinary boy, asking them for a coffee. Well, girls were too shy (and probably too young), but the Cheese Cake Factory in Daikanyama (how many times I have mentioned that place in the past posts?) was just perfect.

Althought this was the last day in Tokyo for a while, and the last day in the Tokyo Metropolitan area is about to begin, I strangely don’t feel bad. Maybe it’s about to start after spending cold, rainy and pooring days back in Funland, or then maybe never. However, Tokyo was still same that it was before leaving for the small adventure to Southeast Asia. By believing it would be the same still in the near future, I will be more than ready to return. At least for a while.