19 hours for the departure

I went to a small local post office here in Makuhari to send 14 kilos of clothes and books back to Finland. Although I haven’t started packing yet, I know there is going to be lots of over weight. Just have to hope for a kind check-in lady in the Finnair counter. Otherwise, well… I will be ripped off.

Walking back from the post office via food market, I was observing mothers picking their children from the kindergarten. The streets of Makuhari were empty, no loud noises from the trains. The cloudy sky looked extremely dull. No sunshine, no color. Just same grey everywhere. Still I felt belonging this place. In Koenji, maybe Makuhari – at least in Japan. I wanted to stay. There would be nothing for me back home. Of course friends and family, but for the last months my soul belonged here.

But I wont be like that Finnish lady, running out of the plane for the Turkish lover. I don’t have to force myself to the plane. My family is waiting for me. But what about Tokyo?