Time to leave

My dear Friends here in Tokyo,

These four months, I have shared my time with you, have been maybe the best and most unforgettable time in my life. Although we all are leaving to our homes in different continents, or staying here in Japan were our hearts still belong to, I believe that the memories and the people will stay in our hearts rest of our life. And there is no that big place or a blackhole in the Earth, which could prevent us from seeing each other. Weather the reunion would be in Italy, Belgium, Canada, US, Finland, here in Japan, or middle of the Pacific Ocean.

But lets keep the flowers blossoming, and as Freddie Mercury once said: Show Must Go On. So now its my time to leave, my time to continue the journey. The journey i belong to. The journey where all my sweet and beautiful memories are coming from.

Thank you, and lots of kisses and hugs! You will stay in my heart forever.

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