Hot & Lazy

We are still in Bangkok – our flight deparatures tomorrow. Yesterday we planned to go around Bangkok’s nightlife, but travellers got lazy and didn’t went almost anywhere. However, we found a nice terrace next to our hostell.

* * *

Last night I woke up middle of the night. Again, hot, humid, sweaty… this recent insomnia reminded me about the Apocalypse Now! movie’s first scene. Silent room, here middle of nowhere. And then, like a baby, falling a sleep.

* * *

We spent our last day in Bangkok in one required cultural sight, Jim Thompson’s home museum. This great New York based architect moved to Thailand after the WWII. Besides establishing a world famous silk export company, he managed to create a beautiful house, fusioning styles all over the Asia. Besides calculating my possibilities to find my way to live in future in some nice and warm country (in some nice villa), I was enjoying today about the fact that nob0dy could reach me as they wish. Walking there, under the burning sun without my mobilephone… I really recommend to you all! :)

Today we also found a rather interesting legislation in Thailand. Restaurants and stores are not allowed to sell any alcoholic beverages between 2pm and 5pm. Just wondering WHY? This afternoon we also went to a pharmacy. Just a small sight to the shelve reveiled a skin whitening product – made in Finland. That wont suprise me that much, but when the box, otherwise written in English had the company’s slogan in Finnish, I just coulnd’t think anything else that ‘whatta f*ck?!?’.

According to our investigations, people here seem to think that me and Juha are brothers. And those persons who keep telling that we look same, are not just one or two. Weird. We don’t look same! Or do we?

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