Yesterday we arrived at Asha Guesthouse in Bangkok – our first waypoint towards a small adventure. Hot, humid, huge, but nice I would say, if someone asks how is it. And cheap. For example one can easily get punch of bananas for 10 cents, whereas local design or international copycat t-shirts costs around two dollars. Bazaars, ah, bazaars.

We spent this day going around Bangkok’s shopping places, trying desperately to find shorts and sunlotions. Nevertheless, a crazy riding Tuktuk (three-wheeled taxi) in the local rush hour was rather nice experience. Still middle of this large and lively city there lies a relaxed and chill ‘manjana’ feeling.

However, the day after tomorrow we are going to continue our journey to Phnom Phen, Cambodia – the country that has not been ruined by millions of tourists.

I will get back to my blog probably somewhere in Cambodia next week. Meanwhile, let’s enjoy the sunshine (and these +35 celcius degrees)! ;)

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