Koska rauhalliseen kotilauantai-iltaan ei kuulu mitään erikoista, ajattelin valistaa teitä nousevan auringon maan rajojen ulkopuolella asustavia paikallisista uutisistamme. Suurin osa tehokkaasta televisiointiajasta kuluu tällä hetkellä Nogoyan sumo-turnauksen puintiin sekä hidastettuihin uusintoihin. Seuraavat tirkistykset Japanilaiseen menoon edustavat viimeviikon kuuminta hottia painetussa muodossa.

After a rookie NHK reporter was arrested for setting fire to a house under construction, the network’s head went on TV to apologize and apologize and apologize again. The reporter, who had been assigned to the police beat in Shiga Prefecture (where nothing much happens), said he set the fire—and at least two others—because he was stressed out. His colleagues said he was clearly a bad egg because he referred to his superiors, behind their backs, without using their honorific titles.

At any rate, Princess Nori, daughter of the Emperor, is no longer a princess, having married Yoshiki Kuroda, who lives in a 60m2 apartment with his mother. It was said that Ms. Kuroda, as she is now known, might have trouble adjusting to the world outside the Imperial Palace (where, for instance, the Yamanote line sometimes breaks down), so Midori Watanabe, a college lecturer who has written about the Imperial family, has offered help on her first visit to the supermarket.

Honduras issued a stamp wistfully commemorating the former princess.

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