Purple world

It is a just an ordinary evening with the same old ordinary habits. Going to the gym, standing in the afternoon rush hour, hanging around the Koenji, studying nihongo at home, and just … well, writing this. The absolute highlights of the day were the smelly and mouldig sleeping bag Ali borrowed, and the fact, that my kitchen didn’t stink due the heavy airing I’ve been doing last few days.

Since the life in Tokyo is settling down to the path fulfilled with idle days, it has become a time to seek for the new adventures. The plan is no more torture anymore. A journey to Hachijo island, towards the sun and tropical climate, volcanos and hiking, ecological and flower child lifestyle, golden beaches, surfing and scuba diving, begins on next friday. Although the watersports – at least in this context – won’t be an option due the current shark situation. However, since the low-budgeters are going to be equipped only with two t-shirts and sleeping bags, the experience could almost reach the amount of four litres of shochu we are going to carry with us.